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Ecobyte Web Hosting

Your Ecobyte server will help to create educational opportunities for children, empower women, and build strong communities across the globe.

Shared Hosting

A top-notch architecture, premium support. Ecobyte’s shared hosting network is simply better.

Great For:
Freelancers, in-house marketing teams, designer & developer resellers.

Fast and furious data storage
Small data-driven websites

VPS Hosting

Professional-grade virtual servers that comes a with an installation of cPanel and migration.

Great For:
Digital media companies, e-commerce, resellers, and app developers.

 Scalable resources
Root access for complete control

Dedicated Hosting

From bare-metal to fully managed, white-glove hosting, our custom single tenant plans have all the resources you need.

Great For:
Enterprise-level applications and internal processing systems.

Resource intensive applications
High volumes of traffic

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