Hey there,

I’m writing today because I wanted to let you know that Ecobyte has decided to re-launch its affiliate program. Ecobyte could not have grown without an amazing audience of free-thinkers, entrepreneurs, business owners and freelancers and because of that, we’re looking to share the wealth we earn with those who wouldn’t mind recommending Ecobyte to their friends, family, colleagues or their own list of clientele.

Ecobyte offers a competitive payout rate of 20% of each transaction on a recurring basis. Payout deposits are added upon your referral’s initial setup cost and every recurring transaction associated with their purchase. We’ll even give you a $10.00 bonus just for signing up. Qualifying referrals must remain an active Ecobyte client for 90 days.

In order to cash out on your earnings, your account must have a minimum affiliate balance of $25.00. After you request a withdrawal, Ecobyte will send you a check that you’ll receive in 7 to 10 business days upon processing your payout request. Due to printing and mailing costs, Ecobyte deducts 0.95¢ from each payout request.

I’d really love it if you gave our affiliate program a shot! Simply sign into my.ecobyte.io, click on “Affiliates” to activate your affiliate account and begin sharing your affiliate link. We will be building up our affiliate banners and graphics as we continue with our new program. We’ll notify you as soon as these new banners and graphic elements become available.

Kind regards,
Ryan, President of Ecobyte