What’s going on?

Our entity is undergoing legal restructuring to allow us to branch out into a variety of different industries when needed. We thought that this would be a great opportunity to revamp our web hosting company, so we did just that! UncommonTrend Solutions, LLC is now the owner of Ecobyte, an emerging web hosting company dedicated to making an important impact on the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my account still active?

If your billing account was in good standing prior to our rebranding, then you should not worry. Any changes made to our servers were primarily on the networking end: alterations to hostnames, IP addresses, and so forth. A data migration of shared hosting client files did take place, so if you are a shared hosting customer and something about your website seems off, please let us know — we’d be happy to troubleshoot with you and come to a solution.



You’ll need to change the nameservers or A records on file with your registrar to make sure you’re viewing the correct version of your website. Our new nameservers are listed below along with their IP addresses. If you have questions about this, feel free to reach out.


plant.byte-grid.b01.s01.ecobyte.io |

trees.byte-grid.b01.s01.ecobyte.io |

Please do this as soon as possible to mitigate any data loss based on updates you make to your website; our old server will be turned off on September 1, 2017; if you do not make these changes by that date, then your website may encounter connectivity problems.

Why can't I access my account?

During our rebranding process, we felt it was time to update our Client Area. We went ahead and moved forward with a fresh installation of our billing system and migrated general information about our clients. Because of the automated encryption of some data, we were unsuccessful in moving your passwords and billing information. That being said, it’s likely you’ll need to reset your password to log in — once you do that, we’d strongly encourage you enter your billing information to make sure your service does not get interrupted during the next billing period.

What's the benefit this transition?

Well — there are several benefits:

  1. We’ve supercharged our website, making it much faster than our old one. Load speeds have, at least, been chopped in half. The design of our website is now more aesthetically pleasing.
  2. With every purchase made through Ecobyte (including every renewal of service), we’ll donate a portion of the funds to Trees for the Future, a nonprofit organization that helps in planting trees which, in turn, provides farmers around the globe with better lives.
  3. Our branding is more concise. UncommonTrend Solutions was founded on the idea that anything is possible; any solution could potentially be provided. By restructuring our platform, we’re simply further pursing this ideology in a stronger way by narrowing our message around each brand we decide to create.
Have you been acquired?

Great question — no, we have not been acquired. We understand how common it is for acquisitions to occur in the web hosting industry, so we figured we should clear this up here: we don’t intend, nor have we ever intended, to sell our company.

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