SSL Certificates

Secure website transactions made simple.

Give Your Customers Confidence

Your digital business is built on trust, and you can’t close the deal with an unsecured website. Customers won’t fill out a form — or fill up a shopping car — until they know their personal information is safe. An SSL certificate from Ecobyte is the easiest and most affordable solution to secure your website and increase sales.

Please note that Byte Grid Ultimate shared hosting plans have access to free domain validated SSL certificates through our partnership with Let’s Encrypt.

Starting at $79/yr.

Verify and Secure Your Site

There are two main benefits to an SSL certificate. First, it acts like an online ID card, proving that your site has been checked out and verified by a certificate authority. Second, it creates a secure, encrypted connection between your web server and visitors’ browsers, ensuring that any information they send cannot be seen or read by anyone else. This ultimately means your customers will fee a lot more comfortable doing business with you online, because they know that their personal information is in good hands.


of websites are secured with an SSL certificate